Indoor wayfinding and navigation

Indoor Wayfinding
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Find the boarding gate quickly so as to take advantage of Duty Free.

Prepare the way leading to a lounge and see the best stands in a limited time. Optimise meetings by indicating in real time the meeting rooms actually available despite non-cancelled reservations.

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Be guided in a large hospital to quickly find a service or a doctor…. Visioglobe 3D maps embedded in Malls, Airports, Hospitals, Showrooms and Offices will guide you via smartphones, kiosks and the web.

It relies on the georefenced digitalization of the indoor maps and real time updating of the information. Turn-by-turn directions inside, outside, and between buildings. We work on smart phones, of course.

Enterprise Indoor Wayfinding. Navigation and Positioning.

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Having trouble finding that store in a mall? Here are some of the best indoor navigation apps for Android and iOS mobiles. Advances in key technologies (e.g., positioning and mobile devices), has spurred interest in research and development of indoor wayfinding and navigation.

Download the Patient Experience Guide for Healthcare Explore the patient experience in the context of healthcare wayfinding practices Dive into the metrics and the money surrounding poor patient experience as a result of poor wayfinding experiences at hospitals and how to fix them Learn about the limitations of traditional wayfinding approaches while gaining an understanding of different paths to a next-gen patient wayfinding experience. Cartogram enables native, drag-and-drop content management for over 20 layers on your venue maps.


Your venue data stays private and never gets sent to Google. Solutions Case studies Pricing.

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Wayfinding Updates and Notifications Real-time wayfinding at their fingertips An instant route guide for bookmarking their location Notifications on safety and security during facility navigation Another recent survey predicts that there is a higher possibility for students to cut down on a lot of time that is being spent on locating intended destinations. Disclaimer General conditions. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Company About us Jobs Imprint Privacy. While we all use Google Maps, or other navigation apps, as guides for city tours, we often forget that there exist indoor navigation apps too. May 17,

Interactive indoor maps Visualize your indoor or outdoor venue with a sleek, scalable multi-floor floor plan. Navigate on mobile and web Add in your route network, elevators and staircases for multi-floor routing. Readymade libraries for all you want to visualize in the app or website.