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Sign in. Get my own profile Cited by View all All Since Citations h-index 40 21 iindex 64 Reproductive and Developmental Biology. Articles Cited by. Proceedings of the Laurentian Hormone Conference, , Journal of endocrinological investigation 23 9 , , International Journal of Developmental Biology 44 6 , , Molecular and cellular biology 27 19 , , Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 84 16 , , Biochemical and biophysical research communications 2 , , Journal of Biological Chemistry 43 , , The Journal of cell biology 4 , , The American journal of pathology 4 , , Molecular reproduction and development 34 4 , , LH levels in plasma from 32 adult men and 30 women outside the midcycle ranged from 0.

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Levels were remarkably constant in men from day to day and in women except at midcycle, when a sharp peak occurred lasting less than 24 hours. In all women studied who had a midcycle LH peak, mean plasma LH levels during the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle were higher than mean values obtained during the luteal phase.

Prepubertal children had detectable plasma LH, and mean values were only slightly less than in adults. Plasma from castrate men or women or postmenopausal women contained 4.

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Clomiphene treatment of four men resulted in a doubling of plasma LH in 5 days. Go to JCI Insight. Citations to this article. Odell, … , G. Ross, P.


Proceedings of the Laurentian Hormone Conference. Volume 49 in Recent Progress in Hormone Research. Book • Edited by: C. WAYNE BARDIN. Download Proceedings Of The Laurentian Hormone Conference is I expand you to have your download proceedings of the for Lisa and this.

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